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Ichimoku Trading Strategy


Ichimoku Trading Strategy

$149.00 / month with a 3-day free trial

Ever laid down in a meadow of lavender on a cool, midsummer morning, the dew off of the grass wetting your forearms? Ever glanced up at the sky, eyes following the plump, rain-bloated clouds as they plod from one side of the earth to the other as if souls chained to their never-ending journey? Ever wondered what such clouds would look like, painted across a crypto chart in Christmas colors?

Great news …

Neither have we!

But we have mastered the Ichimoku Cloud Strategy, also known as the “one glance cloud chart.” This algorithm is plain genius. No wonder it was the life’s work of a Japanese mastermind …

But Who Cares About the History, SwitchCoin?


How Can This Crypto Trading Algorithm Help Me Put Dinner on the Table … and Book That Dream Trip to Hawaii, too?

With this algorithm, you:

  • Rack in killer 20% – 40% profits per month in a bull market (High Reward)
  • Keep your money in a bear market (Low Risk)
  • Reduce your risk, exponentially
  • Average an astounding 8% – 10% gains per tradeline
  • See shocking profits when BTC is bullish

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Okay, But How Do You Make Me Money off of the Ichimoku Cloud Strategy?

Let’s demystify the process!

As soon as you place an order for the Ichimoku Cloud (IC) Strategy, you’ll:

  • Receive a “How to Get Started” walkthrough, magically (read: via email)
  • Follow the steps to sign up and create your exchange account
  • Set up your API keys, so the bot can connect to your exchange and trade on your behalf
  • Send over your API keys so they can be entered into your Ichimoku Cloud trading bot
  • Receive access to your stats, progress, and gains via a private telegram group
  • Watch your account grow, day after day!

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Tell Me More About This Crypto Trading Algorithm!

The Ichimoku Cloud Strategy, an advanced crypto trading algorithm also known as the “IC Strategy,” isolates high probability trades in the crypto market.

  • A crossover of the Tenkan and Kijun Sens lines acts as a moving average crossover, signaling a change in trend and trade entry point
  • The Ichimoku cloud itself represents current and historical price action
  • The Chikou Span represents market sentiment by displaying the prevailing trend as it relates to current price momentum


Summing up the Ichimoku Cloud Strategy:

Protect your capital. Win high-percentage trades. Earn killer profits. Reduce risk astronomically.

And isn’t that what we all want, in life? A way to make a lot of money fast, while protecting the money we have?

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