Crypto Trading Signals

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$399.00 / year


We’ve all been there.

Enticed by a “VIP Exclusive Gold-Tier Members-Only Signals Group” for a cool $100 / month.

“What’s 100 bucks?” We thought to ourselves, “When we could be making thousands off of one trading signal?” Amazing investment, right?


The thing we realized after burning a few thousand dollars and crying into our pillows at night is …

Humans aren’t always right!

Even if you’re the most skilled trader in the world, with an apartment in the Burj Khalifa to prove it, you still:

  • Make mistakes sometimes. We’re all human!
  • Have a really bad day … and then enter a really bad trade.
  • Get into a fight with your girlfriend and revenge-trade to cool off.
  • Click the wrong button and accidentally leverage x25.

And all of that’s just fine if you’re an experienced trader who can make back those losses in the blink of an eye!

But if you’re any less skilled than the best, chances are you can’t. And you just blew hundreds of dollars on a trade, because you trusted a signals group that wasn’t worth your trust.


We’re different.

We recognize that humans aren’t always right. So, we’ve done the unthinkable … and built a trading bot to trade for us!

Awesome, right?

We have our live bot trading all day long, using the algorithms we’ve perfected over decades. Without human error, the win to loss ratio is 2x as reliable as the most skilled day trader we know.

We’ve decided to bring these trades to you because we believe in the power of learning from those who have mastered a craft. And we believe that you can master this craft, too!

< I’m going to master this craft! >


Crypto Trading Signals is for you, if you want:

  • You’re new to trading! You want to get a feel for how crypto trading works, by trying out the trades of an experienced bot, for yourself.
  • You want to compare an experienced trader’s positions, to your own!
  • You want to learn from the best, in real-time. Without all the gimmicks, lags, over-priced courses, and scams on the market …
  • You might not have enough capital yet to go for what you really want … one of our automated trading strategies, like the HODL Trading Strategy or the Ichimoku Cloud.
  • You’re interested in the 20% – 45% gains you can get off of our automated trading strategies, but you’re not sold yet! You want to make sure we do what we say we do … and we’ll happily prove it to you!
  • You love to trade … but you aren’t the best at it yet, and you don’t have time to spend 40 hours a week practicing! You just want to trade, and make a profit. So, we’re here to give you those wins!

Whatever your skill level, this signals group is the perfect way to boost your wins, grow confidence in your trading skills, learn from the pros, and get accurate, up-to-date signals at your fingertips.


The Signals Group to End All Signals Groups

So, let’s set you up for success! Leveraging AI technologies, we’re poised on the edge of crypto’s future. And why are we giving away our winning trades, instead of keeping them to ourselves?

Because we’re dedicated to seeing you succeed, as traders. 

Want in?

< YES, I want in! >

31 reviews for Crypto Trading Signals

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