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Breakout Strategy


Breakout Strategy

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Your eyes are glued to the rising wedge before you. The green candlesticks edge upwards at a snail’s pace, just as soon as they’re smacked down by an iron fist.

You know a breakout will happen. You feel it in your gut.

The candle closes.

A beautiful dragonfly doji with a long, winding tail, short, stumpy wings, and a bright red body. Its tail taps rock bottom – the support level. The moment of truth is here! And …

The chart sucks the candle downward. It bleeds red. NOW! You sell, fingers clacking at lightning speed …

Were you right? Was it too soon to call it a breakout? Will it bounce back above the support and burn you?

Fear blossoms in your chest.

Stressed yet?

We are too … just from reading this little anecdote, which has happened to us thousands of times during our trading careers!

The thing about the Breakout Strategy is … it’s one of the most difficult crypto trading strategies out there. It strikes fear in the hearts of even the most seasoned day traders. But …

It’s also one of THE most profitable crypto trading strategies! And the best news yet?

With our Breakout Strategy Trading Bot, you reap all of the profits, without any of the pain.

We do everything for you!


The Breakout Strategy Trading Algorithm

Elevate your profits. Master quick gains. Protect your capital. Eliminate destructive human error. Take advantage of one of the most profitable crypto trading algorithms out there …

Leveraging state-of-the-art AI technologies and algorithm-based bot trading, we’re bringing the intersection of crypto trading and artificial intelligence straight to you, in the form of the Breakout Strategy.

We’ve mastered one of the most challenging algorithms and programmed it into our live trading bot, so you can reap all of the profits, with zero of the blood, sweat, and tears.

We trade for you. You receive 100% of the gains.

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Breakout Strategy Trading Algorithm Stats

  • Racks in astounding 10% gains per week in a bull market
  • Turns out 10% gains per month in a flat to bull market
  • Represents a day trading algorithm (Quick gains, quick turnover!)
  • Averages out at 4-5% gains per tradeline


The Breakout Strategy Trading Algorithm is for you, if you:

  • Don’t have 40 hours a week to spend trading …
  • Want to see your capital grow on a day-to-day basis!
  • Are a trader, but don’t have the confidence to trade breakouts yet. Don’t worry, you’ll get there!
  • Are looking for the perfect passive income stream
  • Want to invest your money into … making more money!


I’m Sold! Now What?

As soon as you order the Breakout Strategy, you will:

  • Receive a “How to Get Started” walkthrough, magically (read: via email)
  • Follow the steps to sign up and create your crypto exchange account
  • Set up your API keys, so that the bot can connect to your exchange and trade on your behalf
  • Send over your API keys so that they can be entered into your Breakout Strategy trading bot
  • Receive access to your stats, progress, and gains via a private telegram group
  • Watch your account grow, day after day!


With powerful AI tech, we’re revolutionizing the crypto landscape.

Want to take advantage?